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Inspired - From Dust to Glory describes the spiritual growth journey we are on together. It is the God-given vision to expand our ministry capacity and reach more people locally, regionally and globally with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Vision

We need to replace our woefully inadequate buildings and increase the parking on our Dana Point campus now so that 50 years from now (if the Lord waits that long) there will still be a strong, vibrant church in this community giving a clear witness to Jesus Christ. We need to do the most we possibly can with all that God has entrusted to us, while continuing to lead people into a growing relationship with God. 

How Will We Achieve It?

To achieve the goals of INSPIRED we are inviting everyone to join us on a spiritual growth journey of prayer, faith, sacrifice and a whole new level of trusting God. Together we can provide the financial resources needed to accomplish the task, but it will take all of us walking in faith and obedience to God. We are asking every person at South Shores Church to be part of this journey and prayerfully consider a three-year faith commitment that is above and beyond their current giving.






From Dust to Glory


God inspired 13 people in a Bible study to start a church.


The growing church purchases 6 acres at 32712 Crown Valley Parkway – it was viewed as a “gift from God.”


The Chapel is constructed and the church thrives under Pastor Chuck Waters and then Pastor Don Cole.


The Sanctuary is constructed under the leadership of Pastor Ted Cole.


Dr. Tyler S. Guy is called as Senior Pastor. Under his leadership, sanctuary debt is retired and the church experiences great growth.


South Shores joins together with Capistrano Valley Baptist Church and becomes one church in multiple locations.


City of Dana Point PLanning Commission and Dana Point City Council each cast a 5-0 vote in favor of our Master Plan.


call South Shores Home


children involved weekly


Thousand to compassion projects since 2010


church members


baptisms a year


backpacks donated to YMCA


million to missions since 2005


youth involved


worship services


weekly attendance


thousand per month in assistance


on Easter Sunday

  • A multi-generational family connecting people to God and each other.

    Our Vision
  • Lead people into a growing relationship with God.

    Our Mission

Our Challenges


Classrooms established in 1972 as temporary buildings are still in use. 
  • To replace inadequate spaces for all ministries.

  • To provide additional parking for worship services.

  • To provide space for our Children’s ministry.

  • To provide space for our Youth ministry.

  • To provide office space for ministries.

Our goal is to do the maximum ministry with the six acres in Dana Point, so if the Lord waits to return we will be here to serve our community as a light of the gospel for the next fifty years, but our current spaces are woefully inadequate to meet this challenge.

We are at capacity in our parking for our 9:30 and 11 AM services and most of our facilities were built in the 60s and 70s and lack cooling, heating and are not kid or youth friendly.




Our Project

After 12 years of working with the City of Dana Point and receiving unanimous approval, the door has now opened for us to move forward with our project in order to meet our challenges and we desire to walk through that door in a timely manner.

Our Project
Our Property
Ministry Center
Spiritual Development Building 1
Spiritual Development Building 2
Community Life Center
Parking Deck

Our Strategy

The goal of this spiritual journey is for everyone in our church family to get to a place where they ask this question, “Lord, what do you want me to do? How would you use me to complete this project?”

Oct. 25 – 5 week focus on INSPIRED – From Dust to Glory
Nov. 22 – “First Fruits” gifts and faith commitments for our 3 year spiritual journey.

Our building team will work with the architect/builder to get the City of Dana Point’s approval of permits for construction.

Move all worship services and ministries to the San Juan Campus. Our business plan team and ministry team will work together to make this move as seamless as possible.

During this stage the goal is to Grow Stronger in what has always been important here at South Shores Church – Worship, Small Groups, and Serving. We will remain committed to our local and global missions efforts and our Compassion Projects.

When the Dana Point project is complete we will realign ministries on both campuses, with the goal of being stronger at each campus, multiplying our impact for Jesus Christ.


Frequently Asked Questions

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“Inspired” – What is it?

INSPIRED – From Dust to Glory describes the spiritual growth journey we are on together as South Shores Church. The God-given vision is to expand our ministry capacity and reach more people locally, regionally, and globally with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is “INSPIRED” because it is not of our own doing, but is a journey that only God can take us on. It is also “From Dust to Glory,” reminding us of God’s transformational work taking us from the dust of creation, to the glory we will have with Christ, which will also be reflected in the construction process. There will be dust, there will be dirt and raw material, but if God is the One directing this project, if God is the One who breathes life into it, then it will far surpass a set of buildings and will have a glorious impact upon the kingdom of God, here and across the world.

What is the goal of Inspired?

Our goal is always the same – to lead people into a growing relationship with Christ. We believe INSPIRED will make it possible for us to continue doing this for the next fifty years if the Lord waits in His return. To do so we need to maximize what we can do with the gift of six acres here in Dana Point that the Lord miraculously gave us fifty-three years ago. Therefore, we are replacing 24,000 square feet of woefully inadequate spaces with 53,000 square feet of new capacity to provide much needed ministry space for children, youth, adults, seniors and our community.

The goal of INSPIRED is to move forward with the vision that God has given us by stretching our faith and giving generously to the work of God, fulfilling the mission He has given South Shores Church locally and globally. 

Why are we doing this now?

South Shores Church has grown steadily over the last ten years. As a result our current Dana Point Campus does not provide the space needed for children’s, youth, adult and seniors ministry to grow and expand. Weekly we turn away people who cannot find a parking place for worship services. Additionally, after twelve years of working with City of Dana Point, we received unanimous approval for our project in June of 2015. We believe God has opened this door for us to now complete this project, and we desire to walk through that door in a timely manner.

What do you want me to do?

We are asking everyone at South Shores Church to join together in a spiritual growth journey. We are asking that you PRAY that God would stretch our faith to see what He sees. We want you to COMMIT to open your heart to God’s Word and Spirit and let Him lead you. We are seeking that you would ASK God to show you what is your unique and sacrificial part in this journey. At the conclusion of this journey we will ask you to make a sacrificial 3-year financial faith commitment to see the vision God has given us move forward.

Is this too big a project for our church?

This is a God-sized vision and will take a miraculous work of God to complete. The Bible is filled with stories of tasks and projects that were God-sized and seemingly impossible but became possible through working of God in and through His people. Most growing churches discover that their ministry needs often exceed their capacity. This “problem” is actually healthy, because it requires the church leadership and congregation to seek Jesus, be dependent upon our Chief Shepherd, and to exercise faith step by step. INSPIRED is part of God’s unfolding story for South Shores Church, so whatever is raised, it is part of His plan. The story unfolds as we move forward in sacrificial, joyful, and consistent generosity.

God has generously provided for the ministry of South Shores Church for fifty years. When those original founders purchased our current 6 acres in 1962 the purchase price of $190,000 was way beyond their reach and yet God provided through their faith. In 1995 when the current sanctuary was built the cost seemed to big but by 2003 that building was completely paid for. We believe God will provide again through the generous and sacrificial giving of our church family.

How much money are we going to need?

Our estimated financial need is $20 million dollars. This will be added to the 7 million dollars already set aside for the project. We are currently working with architect/builder to get cost estimates for the project. It has been suggested that if we were able to move forward over the next two years with an accelerated phasing we could save as much as 20% over the five phase, ten year plan initially proposed. These are only estimates at this time.

Who is leading this project?

Each of the teams involved in this project are made up of well-qualified and experienced individuals who will diligently work to complete this project in a timely, cost efficient and excellent manner. The goal is that the INSPIRED project will be fully funded after the completion of three-year faith commitment period.

Here are some of the members of each team: Business Plan Team – Floyd Reid, Mike Brooks, Hal Orr, Lynne Rollins, John Miller and Dayton Adams. Financial Team – Mike Brooks, Hal Orr, Phil Sholar, Jack Rollins, Dick Bauerfeind and Drucilla Hickok. Building Team – GG Kohlhagen, Vern Johnson, Hal Orr, Jack Rollins, Tandy Sullivan, and Dick Bauerfeind.

How will we pay for this?

It is our intent that if we meet our estimated financial need of $20 million over the next three years that we could be debt free. If we do not raise all the needed funds we will proceed in a prudent manner with the project, with the goal of completing as much of the project as possible during the closure of the Dana Point Campus. The Business Plan Team will consider whether any debt (loans from church family, foundations, credit union or bank) is needed to move forward and make their recommendation to the Deacon Board. We are in a favorable time for borrowing money at historically low rates. The impact of any debt will be weighed against cost and impact on ministries. However, we want to complete this project and be debt free in the shortest time possible. Sacrificial giving could make this happen.

How long will this take?

Our spiritual journey begins this fall and runs through end of year. Our First Fruits gifts and 3-year Faith Commitments will be made on Commitment Sunday, November 22, 2015, and will continue to be received through the end of the year. These gifts and commitments are to be “over and above” our present level of giving. Our three-year faith commitment period would continue through 2018. Our teams, Business, Financial and Building, will look at those financial commitments and recommend to the Deacon Board the timing and scope of the project moving forward. One plan being proposed is that we could move off of Dana Point Campus as early as the summer of 2016, allowing construction at Dana Point to go forward unhindered by ministry. This proposal offers the shortest and most cost effective time line of any we have looked at. All proposals will be reviewed by our architect/builder, our Deacon Board and the City of Dana Point planning team before further steps are taken.

How will this impact ministries?

We will continue to focus on worship, small groups and serving opportunities for all ages. If we do go ahead and close the Dana Point Campus, moving our church family to San Juan Campus for a period of time, we will make every effort to minimize the impact on ministries. If needed we can seek out alternative locations for ministries to meet in. The move to San Juan Campus offers all of us the opportunity to find news ways to do ministry in a new environment and we believe God will enable us to continue to be unified and thriving.

How will this impact missions?

South Shores is committed to tithing from our church budget to support the work of the kingdom locally, regionally and globally. Over the last ten years South Shores has given over $2 million to missions. We are blessed to partner with missionaries who are striving, as we are, to reach the lost for Jesus and to grow them into His image. We presently support more than forty missionaries and organizations on five continents. We will continue to support these ministries through our budget. We invite you to give to these missionaries as well. A stronger and larger church here in South Orange County enables us to give even more to ministries around the world.

Why not plant more churches instead of building?

South Shores Church is home to several different worshipping congregations on our Dana Point and San Juan campuses. Someday God may lead us into having more campuses. Currently INSPIRED enables us to maximize the two campuses God has given us and in the future to use them as a stronger base to reach out to our community and world. God desires strong, healthy, growing churches in every community and it is our desire to be wise stewards of the resources He has given us and follow His leading regarding INSPIRED, and when He leads us in the addition of campuses and church plants we will respond.


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